Chapter 55- Milwaukee Art Museum and O’Donnell Park

Because last time we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum and didn’t have enough time after the Play Date with Art to visit the Kohl’s Art Generation Gallery, we made a special trip to the MAM last week.  We picked up Uncle Will and Auntie Rae and headed out the door.


We had to make a stop in a random hallway of course, to test out some awesome poses.  We headed upstairs and found our friend Jim, who works in the lobby a few mornings per week.  He was nice enough to let us crash his coffee break in the cafe.


Then made our way to the kids’ gallery.  We made stories on the giant felt canvases and made some stop animation videos, you can watch them here and here and here.  We chatted with Jess, one of the super awesome employees in the Education Dept, and had lots of tears about wanting to be held.  Anyone else out there going through that stage with a 2 year old?

mam2 mam3 mam4 mam6

This was Little T’s favorite drawing.


Because the meltdowns just kept coming (though you wouldn’t guess it from the dreamy pictures, right?), we called it quits inside and headed to the lawn to eat some pickles and sandwiches and apples.  It was the first time I’ve ever seen the Burke Brise Soliel (wings) open and close, pretty cool!!

mam8 mam9 mam10


We then walked across the bridge that crosses Lincoln Memorial Drive, which I’ve NEVER done before.  What?!  How have I made it this long without checking it out?  It was a great view of the city.  And I love taking the kids downtown, exposing them to the city.  Makes for lots of opportunities to talk about little things like…how the world works.



When we made it across the bridge, we were at O’Donnell Park.  It’s a small grassy area by the Children’s Museum.  We played and ran up and down the tiny hill and jumped off of concrete benches.

mam14 mam15 mam17

And someone was particularly grumpy the entire day and refused to get in the Storm family photo, so this is the best we could do to prove that we were all there.

Here’s to less grumpy and less fever-ridden days….

A. Storm




2 responses to “Chapter 55- Milwaukee Art Museum and O’Donnell Park”

  1. Aunt Kathy Avatar

    Looks like another exciting Milwaukee by Storm. So proud of you and all you are accomplishing, you’re an amazing woman. Kids all look wonderful.

    1. amber Avatar

      Thanks Kathy! Our lives are nothing short of exciting, that’s for sure 🙂

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