Chapter 77- Doors Open Milwaukee (Volunteer Orientation)


For the past few years, I’d hear about Doors Open Milwaukee as it was happening and wish I had coordinated my life so I could attend.  The idea of the event is to open up buildings in Milwaukee to the public, free of cost, for one weekend.  Check out their website for a list of over 150 buildings at which you could get a closer look.

This year I decided to sign up to volunteer so I wouldn’t miss the weekend.  Volunteers hang out at one of the sites for a 4 hour shift and greet people entering the building.  And for just those 4 hours, you get to be a part of this cool event AND get a special volunteer badge which lets you enter some of the more popular sites through a separate “volunteer only” line.


So this morning, after a night of food poisoning, I got myself together by stopping by Rocket Baby Bakery to grab a coffee and croissant, and then met up with other volunteers at the Central Library.

do8 do1

We met up in the Centennial Hall, and got a briefing on expectations and details.

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Volunteer Coordinator Melinda Kallenberger gave us the run down, and also informed us that they’re still looking for over 100 volunteers for the event!  People, stop reading my blog right now and visit the site to get in touch with Melinda and let her know you’ll sign up for one 4 hour shift on Saturday September 20 or Sunday the 21st!


Afterwards, we got our location assignments (I’ll be in the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Dome Theater), chatted with other volunteers, and fell in love with the new GLOW IN THE DARK t-shirts for sale:



This is a family-friendly event, too.  A free kids’ passport is available to get your young ones involved in exploring their city.


I’ll post more about the event after it happens, but I’m so excited to finally check this out.  I hope you can carve out 4 hours of your time to sit and greet people who are hoping to learn more about the city.  Stay tuned for my experience with the weekend, and I’d love to hear if you’ve volunteered or attended before.  Please share!

A. Storm


2 responses to “Chapter 77- Doors Open Milwaukee (Volunteer Orientation)”

  1. Lyndsay S. Avatar

    We took my (then) 2 year old son last year to the top of the US Bank building and the Gas building and loved the views! So many great buildings to choose from and would love to do more this year, but sadly we’re going to be out of town that weekend.

    1. amber Avatar

      Oh fun! I’m hoping to make it to as many places as I can, though it’ll take a lot of coordination with the kids 🙂

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