Chapter 92- Pajama Jamboree with Milwaukee’s Festival City Symphony


Are you familiar with free symphony concerts for families?  Well you should be, because they’re awesome.  Milwaukee’s Festival City Symphony has Pajama Jamborees, which are amazing opportunities to get your pjs on, grab blankies, and listen to some great music and hear stories and learn about instruments.


I took the big kids on a feshil mama date, and they were stoked to do something only “big” kids could do (because yeah, a 2 year old is a big kid).  We arrived just as the concert was starting and still found a small space in the back to set up shop.

pj2 pj3

We were introduced to the night’s program of Peter and the Wolf, but stood to sing the national anthem first.  And a little secret about me…I get choked up singing it.  I’m not an overly patriotic person, but something about a group of people singing together makes my heart swell.  And as I had my hand across my heart, I looked down at my kids who were in awe with the communal song, I had to fight to hold in a few tears.


I composed myself, and by that time a few of our friends arrived.  We spent the next hour enthralled with music, narration, and high school actors playing out the story of Peter and the Wolf.

pj5 pj9 pj13

Afterwards, we hung out for just a minute and gave hugs and climbed on things were probably not supposed to climb, and then made our way to the parking ramp.

pj12 pj14

And the skywalk was a huge hit among my three kids in footed pjs and no shoes.


On the way home, Little T was holding my camera, and I gave her the ok to snap some photos.  Here are my favorites from the evening:

pj16 pj17 pj18


There’s another concert scheduled for December 10th, and then another in the spring.  Check out this really wonderful offering if you can!

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2 responses to “Chapter 92- Pajama Jamboree with Milwaukee’s Festival City Symphony”

  1. Dad Avatar

    Amber, your description of yourself and the kids during the communal singing of the national anthem also made me choke up a bit!

    1. amber Avatar

      Thanks Dad. For the comment AND your service! xo

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