Chapter Forty- Wauwatosa Library Story Time

Three cheers for free drop-in story time!  The kids and I met my sister-in-law and her son at the Wauwatosa Public Library.  Story Time is in sessions at this library, so check the website before you head there.  There are a few different times and kinds, but we went to the 11:15am session and it’s way less crowded than the 9:30am one.  Good thing because we had five children with us!


Miss Annie led the group in songs and stories.  She’s charismatic and calm at the same time, if that can be true.  This is a really short story time, only 20 minutes or so.  Great for little ones with short attention spans, but our crew definitely didn’t want it to end.  The twins were a little hesitant to stand up and sing at first, but having a big sister to pave the way helped out.


We watched a puppet show, “The Soup Opera”.  All the kids were enthralled with the singing (played through the CD player).  Little A insisted on more well after the final applause.

TL7 TL8 TL18

The artwork takes you inside the world of books (duh), and it definitely reminds me of the public library I went to growing up.

TL10 TL9

In the main section of the Children’s Library, you’ll find books and puzzles to stay busy.

TL1 TL11 TL12

You used to have to check out the puzzles, but apparently you can just go behind the desk and get them yourself.

TL13 TL14 TL15 TL16 TL17



This trip was a success.  Kids socialized, sang songs and were entertained.  We left without any injuries or temper tantrums…not bad!  There isn’t a place that I know of in the library where you can have snack or lunch, so we headed home for mac ‘n cheese.  In the summer we could have had a picnic on the grass, though.

Stay warm, folks!

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