Chapter Thirty Nine- Hubbard Park Lodge

Who’s up for a Friday night fish fry?  Head on over to Hubbard Park Lodge if you are, and if you have kids who love to dance.


You can’t see the actual building from the parking lot, which makes you feel a little bit like you’re in the wrong place.  But don’t worry, head through the tunnel and along the trail (and if it’s cold you should bring hats and mittens for your kids like I didn’t).  You’ll pass an awesome sledding hill, and the Milwaukee River will be on your left.  Head towards the polka music around the bend.


We arrived at 5:45 and the place was probably half-full (the above picture is misleading…this was taken after 6:30pm and the restaurant was full).  We met my brother and his family, and my parents joined in as well.  Since we had a party of 6 adults and 6 children, we were able to make a reservation ahead of time and claim the best spot in the house.  A nice round table in the corner, not too far from the dance floor.


Polka music was in full effect when we arrived, and Little T and her cousins headed straight over to the dance floor.  I don’t have anything else to write about her experience at dinner, because she spent the entire time dancing.

HL3 HL4 HL5 HL10

Hubbard Lodge has the exact same menu as Lakefront Brewery’s fish fry.  It’s sort of a more mellow version of that, actually.  Lakefront, while a super fun and wild, is pretty loud.  It’s hard to talk to anyone at your table once the music starts.  I was really happy we chose this venue.  Totally manageable.  And very family-friendly.  Lots of young kids, babies, grandparents, and parents looking for a chance to have a drink while their kids are entertained and only semi-supervised.


Nobody puts baby in the corner.  Except when it’s the perfect spot for her carseat.


A nice oatmeal stout was on tap, and went well with the fish.  The cod was really good, not dry or overdone.  Fries were good and I give the potato pancakes a 7/10.  The kids had grilled cheese and hot dogs, then ate my fish because apparently none of them had eaten in DAYS.

HL7 HL12

We danced the chicken dance, chased bubbles, and caught up with family.

HL13 HL11 HL16 HL22

We also attempted a family photo.  I figure if we take a million of them throughout the year, a few have to turn out, right?


I’m definitely going back.  This was a perfect night to catch up with my family, keep the kids entertained, and do something new.  Next time we’ll bring snowsuits and sleds to make the trip back to the parking lot even more enjoyable.

HL19 HL20

Thanks for reading, all.  Hope the new year is treating you well!

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  1. Carrie Avatar

    I love this! Thanks for sharing your awesome adventures 🙂

    1. amber Avatar

      Thanks Carrie! I appreciate you reading!

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