Chapter 67- Sonny Knight & The Lakers Studio Session at Radio Milwaukee


This just happened, like an hour ago.  I won entrance to Radio Milwaukee’s Studio Session with Sonny Knight and The Lakers, but couldn’t find a sitter.  So I took the kids with me!  The lovely folks at Radio Milwaukee were totally fine with me bringing my four kids to a live recording.


We stopped at Stone Creek to get a special treat of lemonade and a chocolate chip cookie.  Because it was nap time and there’s nothing smarter than pumping your kids full of sugar right before a radio show.

sonny3 sonny7

The intro was full of soul and horns, and eventually Mr. Sonny Knight came on stage to give us all he had.


And we danced!  Check out this video of the girls.


I ran into Claire Kelly, who we saw at the Tosa Farmers Market last weekend.  Check back in a few days for a post on that.


The kids had a blast, didn’t cause a scene, and are now sporting some sweet Radio Milwaukee buttons!  We’ll happily be their new poster child(ren).

The show was so fun that my husband and I are heading to the show at Stonefly Brewing tonight.  So all you Milwaukee people, get your babysitters in line and we’ll see you in Riverwest tonight!!

A. Storm

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