Chapter 68- Sonny Knight & The Lakers at Stonefly Brewery


As a follow up to Friday’s post about seeing Sonny Knight and The Lakers at Radio Milwaukee, here are a few photos from the show at Stonefly Brewery that night.

stonefly stonefly2 stonefly1

First up was DJ Andy Noble…


Next on stage was Kid Millions & The Sounds of Time.  You’ve probably heard this on Radio Milwaukee, but here’s their newest single, In The Graveyard.  It was upbeat and solid dancing (or at least head bobbing for those not willing to break it down on the dance floor) music, and you KNOW I love a good hook, so I was a fan.

stonefly4 stonefly8

Sonny Knight was next up, after a nice hype up session by The Lakers.  The set was non-stop, one song led directly into another.  Sonny sang his heart out on stage and everyone was grooving to the tunes.If you don’t know his story, he recorded his first song at the age of 17.  He then served in Vietnam, got back into music in the 70’s with the band Haze, then made his living as a truck driver, then back to music with The Valdrons, and eventually met Eric Foss and started his own band.  Whew!  His new album “I’m Still Here” just released and is worth picking up.



Afterwards, the band stuck around to say hi and sign records.  Sonny was gracious and genuine, and complimented my husband on having a precious bunch of kids.  The band is on tour and seems to be a great group of guys.  I was tempted to bring them homemade cookies and chili because they were so nice and I know their schedule is pretty full with performances.

Best wishes on tour, boys.  And thanks for a great show!

A. Storm


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